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Mar. 14th, 2007

So things with Papa are better. He pretty much recovered from the stroke but he still cant feel his left side. He will move his left foot and sometimes the whole leg if I tickle it. And sometimes it will randomly spasm but his left hand doesnt respond to anything. He is in Brooks right now. He goes to therapy 3 times a day. Hes getting better everyday. He still has his sense of humor too. Ash and I are going to move in with him and Granny when he gets to come home. She cant take care of him because of her back pain. Well she can feed him and that kind of stuff but she cant move him. If we didnt move in with them he would have to go to a nursing home and they would stop the therapy. Which would just ( in my opinion anyway) be sending him there to die. I know its not going to be easy all the time but the way I see it this move is helping both couples. Ash and I wouldnt have to pay rent, food, or anything like that. So we would be able to save up money for other things we need and want.
I had to quit my job. My boss always fucked me around when it came time to paying me. She would only pay me a $100 or tell me she would pay me later and Id have to keep reminding her.And shed fuck me around on jobs. So I quit and she tried to turn everything around on me. Making it out to be my fault she didnt pay me. Im also going downtown tomorrow to turn her in. Im not the first person shes done this too. After I made the decision to quit alot of my anexity went away. For awhile there nothing was working and I thought I was gonna have to take some fucking pills but the past few days have been great.
What the fuck is up with the General Peter Pace saying that being gay is immoral. Im confused on how two people loving each other is immoral.


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Mar. 15th, 2007 12:49 pm (UTC)
Im glad things are starting to work out for you finally. Give me a call sometime.
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